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Re: Cutoff Wall In Concrete Transition

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You probably didn't get a response because your question appears to be more of a hydraulic-fluids type question, not necessarily structural ... because you are asking about the need for this cut-off wall. I for one, am not sure what you are describing, sounds like a baffle or weir type of thing, but I forgot all that stuff the day after the PE exam and hope not to encounter it again. Just a guess, but is this something to do with the water hammer effect ???

Check to see is ASCE has a similar list service with a greater percentage of experts in this field. I'd venture to guess that the vast majority on this list are experienced in buildings, bridges, and other above surface structures, so there are only a few who could help. Plus the fact that there are maybe 50 people who actually answer questions on this list which I believe has subscribers numbering in the 1000's.

Good luck,

>>> syedfaiz23(--nospam--at) 05/31/01 05:01PM >>>
Fellow Engineers
a week ago i had posted a question on the LIST about the afore mentioned 
subject, unfortunately i am yet to see any response on the same. Iam posting 
this question  again with a hope some expert will find time to respond 
" iam designing & detailing a buried concrete box channel for storm water 
drainage. It has a concrete transition both at inlet & outlet. From my 
experience i know every concrete transition should have a cutoff wall at the 
end. There is a resistance from some quarter for putting a cutoff wall in 
the shop drawing. According to them its not necessary. i seek opinion of the 
experts, on design of hydraulic structures, on this issue. Is cutoff wall 
necessary or not in a concrete transition for a cross drainage structure?"
Thank you all in advance.

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