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Re: History Buffs (Waayyy off topic)

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RE: History Buffs (Waayyy off topic)Bill,

I normally refrain from most of the off-topic stuff but can't help but speak
up here -- the muddying of history being a pet peeve.

The long-running debate about the relationship between Thomas Jefferson and
Sally Hemmings is not an invention of the "Left" and is older than Bill
Clinton.  The Thomas Jefferson Foundation, which is the relatively
conservative group which owns and operates Monticello as a National Historic
Monument, formed a research committee of distinguished scholars and
historians to review the recent DNA test results and other information.  The
following is an except from their report as publised in January of last year
and available on the web (see

"Based on the examination of currently available primary and secondary
documentary evidence, the oral histories of descendants of Monticello's
African-American community, recent scientific studies, and the guidance of
individual members of Monticello's Advisory Committee for the International
Center for Jefferson Studies and Advisory Committee on African-American
Interpretation, the Research Committee has reached the following

... The DNA study, combined with multiple strands of currently available
documentary and statistical evidence, indicates a high probability that
Thomas Jefferson fathered Eston Hemings, and that he most likely was the
father of all six of Sally Hemings's children appearing in Jefferson's
records. Those children are Harriet, who died in infancy; Beverly; an
unnamed daughter who died in infancy; Harriet; Madison; and Eston."

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While in Washington DC last year attending ASCE's OPAL/OCEA Banquet, I
picked up a biography of Jefferson in the bowels of his monument.  That led
to further study of his life and times, including his "second family", which
had recently been proven via DNA.  (Before you flame me, go visit
I don't suppose  the sources who gave you this information have mentioned to
you that this whole bogus Sally Hemings thing has since been blown apart,
have they?

The fact is, it now appears that any of about twenty-five other male
relatives of Tom Jefferson are just as likely to have been the father of
Hemings' children. In fact, given the great disparity in age between
Jefferson and Hemings--she was only fourteen when Jefferson was 60--there is
very little likelihood that he was the culprit.

In fact, it appears the whole thing was a psych operation conducted by
friends of one William Jefferson Clinton, to "prove" that "other presidents
couldn't keep their pants zipped either," so why were Clinton's sexual
peccadilloes a big deal?

A thorough debunking of this whole myth may be found at Yet another example of
why I hold the Left in this nation in the greatest contempt imaginable.
These are the people who are trying to destroy, trash or otherwise
deconstruct our nation's history, and make it appear that those the likes of
Bill Clinton are the "normal" ones.

Sorry, but every time I think "I'm now calming down and reentering Total
Tech Mode (R)," someone touches another of my hot buttons.

Deep breathing commencing right now...
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