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Re: let's get creative

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This sounds like a wonderful opportunity; good luck with it wherever you are! 
 You must have a very enlightened client.  

It sounds suspiciously like the description of the engineering building built 
at the Univ. of Colorado at Boulder a few years ago, at least as far as 
exposed structure as a teaching tool goes.  I don't know about the rest.  

I'll take this opportunity to mention a pet peeve of mine.  When I read an 
email without a name and/or location I feel like I'm talking into a 
bottomless well--with no idea where my words are going and no idea of the 
context at the other end of the line.  Sort of like if everyone you talked 
with each day had a black hood over their heads--it would detract somewhat 
from the communication, to say the least.  Emails are sparse enough 
communication as they are, emoticons or not, so every little bit of context 
is helpful (at least to me).  Conversely, it seems to me that the easy 
anonymity of email tends to reduce the social constraints on communication 
(Ms. Manners would call it manners :)  None of this is addressed to Mr. 
Hodge, except the location part. 

Ralph Hueston Kratz, S.E.
Richmond CA USA

In a message dated 5/31/01 10:27:53 AM, ghodge(--nospam--at) writes:

<< Here's a chance to brainstorm a bit.

I am working on a new building at a nearby community college.  The
building will house the construction technology department and the
architect and owner/user have really opened the doors for free
thinking.  The idea is that as students learn about various aspects of
building construction technology they will then be able to go and see
the concepts they are learning put into practice.  For the structural
design, that means a lot of exposed elements, such as beams, columns,
connections, bond beams, etc.  For the M/E/P portion of the design,
there will be exposed ducts, mechanical rooms with windows for visual
access, exposed plumbing systems, etc.

We are in the design development stages, now, and we have proposed
several ideas such as:

An entry terrace with a steel teaching sculpture similar to the one at
Univ. of Florida and a U.S.G.S. benchmark.

A tensioned-fabric canopy at the entrance

Separate classrooms featuring exposed to view steel construction,
cast-in-place concrete construction, heavy timber construction, precast
concrete construction and masonry construction.  (Have we left anyone

I'm hoping the structural engineering community may have some more ideas
on how to enlighten future contractors, designers and technicians.  For
instance, I haven't really had any great ideas on how to feature
foundation elements.  Do any of you have any ideas or know of other
buildings/projects that we should look at for inspiration?

At this point, anything goes


Gray Hodge

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