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RE: Sean Pedro's Attack

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> Subject: Re: Sean Pedro's Attack
> >Some aspects of Libertarianism or Ayn
> >Rand-ism appeal to me, but I've never understood how this sort of thing
> >would work.
> It doesn't work in any society which needs the rule of law. It might work
> in a society in which everyone was completely isolated from everyone else
> or for a sort of idealized communism in which everyone owns everything
> and greed doesn't exist.

FWIW, I agree with you, and am not particularly enamoured of this radical
form of "Libertarianism" (which I call "Libertine"). Yes, we need a rule of

The ideal is embodied in the United States Constitution (which, btw, has
NOTHING to do with race, color, creed or national origin; the U.S.
Constitution embodies a set of universal principles that can be applied to
ANY nation or group who care to adopt its enlightened precepts--lest anyone
accuse me, once again, of jingoism). That ideal includes LIMITED government.

However, this ideal is NOWHERE found in practice today, not even in the
United States. The government here has grown far beyond its constitutional
bounds, and will continue to do so. Very soon, you who consider Europe to be
the ideal, will have your wish. For that is how we will live here as well,
in enlightened servitude to our rulers.

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