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RE: New OSHA rules for steel erection

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The final rule becomes effective July 17, 2001.  The final rule was supposed
to be published in the Federal Register on Jan. 18, 2001.  I also wonder
about a job that has steel that was fabricated in 2000 before the final rule
was published but has not been erected yet.

I do not entirely agree with Drew's statement  as shown below.  We can and
should choose to design column base plates with four anchor bolts.  We can
and should choose to design connections, where two pieces are supported by
one connection, is such a way that the first piece is safely supported while
the second piece is connected.  These are just two of the ways that this
regulation affects erection that the engineer can either help or get in the

Roger C. Davis
SDS Architects, Inc.

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I'm chiming in because I have recently been engaged in a discussion with a
client architect in re consideration of OSHA (and CAL-OSHA) regulations
during design.  A couple of observations:

2.  In the case of steel erection (or any other construction activity), I
agree with Tom that the contractor's inquiry should be of concern to you
(and, more significantly, to the owner), but I think that your response
needs to respect the fact that job site safety cannot be your
responsibility.  I'd be inclined to say something like, "I don't know, but
you should keep in mind that my role as the structural designer is limited
to assuring that the COMPLETED structure will comply with the BUILDING CODE.
It is the contractor's responsibility to plan and execute the processes and
sequence of construction in such a way as to assure a safe job site and
compliance with work place safety regulations."


Just my two cents, signed (for Mr. Kratz),

Drew A. Norman, S.E.
Pasadena, California

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