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RE: New OSHA rules for steel erection

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Greg is correct about the delay.  I had forgotten that President Bush
delayed implementation of many regulations.  Generally I am in favor of
that, but I do think most of these rules make an awful lot of sense
considering what usually comes out of Washington.

Roger C. Davis
SDS Architects, Inc.

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Drew had stated "**For the most part**,compliance with OSHA regulations is
the responsibility of the person in charge of the activity (not some other
person who may have designed the structure within which it takes place)."
Just remember that OHSA regulations can and do affect the design
professionals also.  For those designing connections two of the new
regulations that will go into effect this year (depending on white house
delay to investigate) are the use of (4) anchor bolts on all columns (>300
lbs) and the ability, on through web connections (i.e. typical for mezzanine
connections and the like), that one beam can be set and bolted up while the
other beam is set and bolted up (without removing the previous set(s) of
bolts).  FWIW, the through web connection can easily be handled by offset
clips or a seat angle on one side (or both if desired).
Some of the connections details will be the responsibilty of the
designer/fabricator depending upon how you and your firm work.  For us, we
call out all connection details of our steel and will be responsible for
making sure that the guidelines like the 2 above are met.  Obviously, the
designer can not take responsibilty for the overall safety of the erection
crew and the GC/Erection crew should have their own protections to keep the
job site safe.  However, it is the designer's responsibilty to make sure
their design *can* be safely erected.
I assume the responsibilties to be:
Designer = *can* be safely erected
GC/Erector = *is* safely erected

Greg Effland, PE
Kansas City, MO

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