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RE: Tilt up Fee

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Tilt up is extremely popular in California for low rise and warehouses. There have been hundreds built in the SF Bay in the last 4 years alone.

When you say pre-cast, I assume you mean trucked to the site and probably has some insulation layer in the panel? Most tilt-ups here are cast at the site and the utilization of stacked panels works for tall panels on a narrow slab. There is usually no insulation layer either, maybe because of the good weather in the area.

To Jesse,

I did  tilt ups for about three years ... are you designing the roof framing (glulams) or are you shipping it our (Steel OWSJ's to Vulcraft). 

A word of advice, detail every panel on the job at least for geometry and at least once for reinforcing. Scheduling of panels is routinely screwed up when interpreted by the contractor (opposite hand does mean much to someone in the field). Also, a lot of contractors like to cut out your panels and past them onto the floor plan to see what is the best way to lay out the form work, sequence the tilt up operation, and have access ailes along the slab.

Also, carefully detail your collectors and drags when you have thin panels ... sometimes its tough to fit all the collector drag steel in a skinny panel.

Lastly, with skewed walls, be careful on you wall anchorages and subdiaphragms. It can get tricky when you try to achieve the required subdiaphragm depth and load path when your framing is not orthogonal

As to fee, I never really got involved with that when I did them, my bosses just said hurry up, we've got 3 more business parks waiting for you.

hope that helps,
San Francisco, CA

>>> dfisher(--nospam--at) 06/01/01 07:52AM >>>
Do people still do tilt-up?

We use precast wall panels here in the Midwest.

I would say $15,000 to $20,000.

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