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RE: Sean Pedro's Attack

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I would say its does bode ill for representative governments.

We have a president who did not win the popular vote; who was a C student
who has had his entire life handed to him and
Can't seem to get the secret service to buy his daughters tequila or beer.

Its like any government position; it's for someone who washes out of private

Of course, it didn't used to be this way, i.e., Jefferson, Henry, Franklin,
(Their private entanglements excluded...)

The great thing is that the guys who wrote the Constitution and Declaration
of Independence had
"involved" private lives, but were good intelligent statesmen.

Now we just have guys in office who can't keep out of trouble and are not
that bright.

We all can think of our own examples.

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>No, it means that the general public is moronic and typically doesn't
Bodes ill for representative governments, don't you think? Probably means
they're an aberration, like Communism, thought up by people with no real
notion of the real world.

Too burdensome for me--glad I'm a liberal. ;->

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