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RE: Porch Concrete Cracking

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> Subject: RE: Porch Concrete Cracking
> In general, the Board is probably not interested in you giving a
> friend some
> friendly advice.  Where you might get "stuck" is if you get caught up in a
> legal dispute over that advice.  The other side will be looking at ways to
> discredit you, including contacting and complaining to the Board,
> about your
> "unsealed" engnieering report.

In fact, you can get your giblets smoked short of legal entanglements, if
the state board happens to become aware of the fact that you are sending out
unsealed documents that should be sealed. They do seem to relish an excuse
to levy fines, judging by the ever-lengthening list of "miscreants" who have
broken board rules that appears in succeeding issues of their newsletter
here in Texas.

True, this might not be the end of the world, but a $500 fine and my name in
the next Board bulletin (or on their website) would NOT be pleasant.

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