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Bomb Shelter

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I have a problem which i want to share discussions with our fellow learned engineers on the List. We built an underground bomb shelter which have wall openings provisioned for the Blast resistant doors. There were no provisions left for "hold fasts" for fixing the blast doors at the time of casting of this bomb shelter. The peripheral walls of the shelter are 700 mm (2 ft-4 in) thick & the intermediate walls receiving these doors are 300 mm (12-in) thick.The top & bottom slabs are 700 mm (2ft-4in)thick. These doors are basically leading to escape shafts & also serving some rooms. The blast doors have now been received so we know now exactly the number & location of the "hold fasts"; this information was not available at the time of concreting, that is why no provisions could be made for "hold fasts" then. We are now intending to break open portions in the walls to fix these hold fasts & fill back the openings with epoxy concrete.These are bomb shelter walls so there are of course, a jumble of rebars. This will involve cutting of some of the rebars as well.There is no way to do some analysis because these are bomb shelters designed by some Consultant some 15-20 yers ago and are being copied generation to generation. No data on these blast forces are available which would basically be generated by surrounding air after enemy air attack. So,as you see, we have to work empirically on pure engineering judgements.I know from research, structural elements repaired with epoxy concrete become very strong & under load tests it yields from some other locations & not at the locations where it was repaired using epoxy concrete. This is satisfying to me & i can try & sell this to the supervising Consultant. But there could be questions on its integrity to resist blast pressure, especially because weak points have been created , interms of openings made in walls to fix the "hold fasts". So,my question is: do other fellow engineers agree with this procedure Or they would like to suggest some better or alternative recourse?
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