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Re: Tilt up Fee

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Knowing nothing more about the project, my fee would be $25,200, allocated
thus:  10% preliminary engineering, 75% construction documents, 15%
construction phase.

Drafting service expense:  $9,450.

I should be able to have it done for you next Friday.  (Its a joke!)
John P. Riley, PE, SE
Riley Engineering
20 Oakwood Drive, Blue Grass, Iowa 52726
Tel & Fax:  319-381-3949

 I'd like to know what others are charging for the following type project:

37,500 sf tilt up bldg (office/warehouse)
North San Diego County
Single story
21' Walls

Wood panelized roof system not too tricky (but not a box either)- a few
skewed walls Architect is providing AutoCad backgrounds w/some usable
structural layout

Any shared information would be appreciated.

Jesse D. Moore, SE
Oceanside, CA

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