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Styrofoam Panel

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I just received a call from a contractor who is remodeling a building and 
came across a styrofoam panel that is being used as a shear wall.  He had 
never run into something like this and wanted some information about it and 
if it could be used as a shear wall.

His description of the panel is:

   4' wide, 8' to 10' long and about 5" - 6" thick.

   A sheet metal channel forms the boundary of the panel.

   There is no plywood or other finish on the surface of the panel.

   There is no material embedded in the styrofoam other than the sheet metal 
   channel boundary.

Based on this meager information, does anyone know anything about such a 
panel, who manufactured it, and if it was rated for use as a shear wall?


A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
Tucson, Arizona

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