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RE: What Is The Material Spec For "Lag Screw"?

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> Subject: Re: What Is The Material Spec For "Lag Screw"?
> Bill, perhaps it's no wonder you can't find it.  NDS points to ANSI/ASME
> B18.2.1.  The excerpt of same produced in the IFI "Fastener Standards 6th
> Ed.says  "11.  Material.  Chemical and mechanical requirements shall be as
> agreed upon by the manufacturer and purchaser."
> I don't know where else to look either.

Yeah, the ANSI/ASME specs are typically dimensional only, detailing threads,

Now, I do see where they give a strength for "bending yield" in Footnote 2
of Table 9.3A, but that seems to be for computing shear connections and I
don't know how that would apply to "pull out strength" as I'm trying to

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