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RE: What Is The Material Spec For "Lag Screw"?

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> Subject: RE: What Is The Material Spec For "Lag Screw"?
> Check out footnote 2 at the bottom of the tables in chapter 9 of the 1997
> NDS, Fyb=45 ksi for bolts 3/8" in diameter and larger.  Typically I spec.
> A307 and everything I seen has been A307.  The NDS refers to ANSI/ASME
> Standard B18.2.1-1981.  I don't have a copy of this.

Oh, and the A307 spec, is that for LAG SCREWS in particular? Or for bolts? I
don't have a copy of A307, so don't remember if that was specifically just
for fasteners for metal, or it could include lag screws for wood connection

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