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RE: InoculateIT ends free promotion

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> Subject: InoculateIT ends free promotion
> I received a notice today from Computer Associates who I and others have
> recommended for their free Personal edition of InoculateIT virus
> protection
> software.

BTW, apropos of nothing, I have found this to be quite interesting:

I have a small home network with Windows 2000 on my machine and Windows 98
on my wife's, with a Linux server in the mix.

I have a copy of Norton Antivirus on both Windows boxes, but I've noticed
that my wife's machine gets a "virus update" (via LiveUpdate feature) about
two or three times a week, while the Windows 2000 box might on average get a
single update once per MONTH. Not sure why this is, but I suppose there are
more vulnerabilities to exploit on the "DOS/Windows" system than on the "NT
based" system.

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