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Re: Proprietary Catwalk System?

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For "erector set" simplicity, you might want to talk to the people at
Unistrut Products (visit for info).  In addition to the
standard strut type products, they have a line of perforated light gage
steel "plank" walkway sytems.

FWIW, we have done some of this kind of stuff and I would personally proceed
with caution about giving the average facilities project manager the keys to
something he or she thought was an, "erector set," solution.  They might
just go hanging a network of the things without asking me or anyone else
about the capacity of the supporting joists (or, in my part of the country,
seismic bracing).  I envision unreinforced connections to joist chords away
from panel points with HVAC equipment, fire sprinkler mains, and the kitchen
sink supported off the catwalk.  Some how it will be your fault when one of
the things falls through the ceiling of the plant manager's office.

Drew Norman
Pasadena, California

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Subject: Proprietary Catwalk System?

Greetings all.

I'm looking for a proprietary catwalk system to specify for our
Pharmaceutical clients, who continually need maintenance access to their
"ever expanding" mechanical systems.  For the most part these mech. systems
are in the space above the ceilings of one story, flat roof, flex space
style office building.  The primary roof construction is open web joists
spaced at 5 to 6 feet. The catwalk would have to hang from the joists.

I could easily put something together with angles and threaded rods, but I
was hoping that there may be something out there that is sort of "erector
set" like.  Something modular, expandable and light weight.  Maybe something
that's made with cold-formed steel or alluminum.

Any thoughts or Ideas?

Thank you

Keith Hyndman, P.E.
Engineering Solutions Inc.
436 Creamery Way, Suite 100
Exton, PA 19341
Phone: 610-524-1357
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