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RE: Government Service WAS: Sean Pedro's Attack

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Subject: Government Service WAS: Sean Pedro's Attack

- David Fisher [mailto:dfisher(--nospam--at)] wrote:

>Its just been my experience, that's all.

>Why else would someone not work in private industry?

>They want a guaranteed job, low stress, flag day off and no accountability.

I highly resent that remark!  I was a civilian
[keyword, civilian!!]
working for the Department of
the Navy for 10 years designing ships.  I still have many friends who are
there.   I have now worked in private industry for 6 years.  So I have seen
both sides, have you?
[I have in that I pay taxes and I have to deal with government bureaucrats
on a daily basis that have "washed out"of private industry]
Contrary to your statements.  The government is not a
guaranteed job; I was layed off in a downsizing

[again, civilian].

 It is not low stress and
no accountability; when was the last time one of YOUR designs went into a
war zone?
[maybe not a "warzone" per se, but they have been subjected to
IRA terrorist attacks and have had 50 story buildings subjected to 100 mph
winds or zone IV earthquake loads]
-  When was the last time your designs reached anywhere near design
[see above]
 I can tell you that our designs did go through loads very near
design limits because we tested them to that limit before they went into
service.  When was the last time your firm put one of its designs under
limit load testing before letting the client take possession?

		[they are all the time!...again, see above]

Yes, we got Flag Day off along with other holidays that are not common in
private industry.  However, when was the last time you spent YOUR Christmas
on some po-dunk little island on the other side of the world because lives
depended on making IMMEDIATE engineering decisions.

[maybe not on a po-dunk island, but I've spent plenty of time away from my
family (ask my wife and kids) dealing with issues that needed immediate

If you are thinking that I am unique because I worked for the military, I
would remind you that there are thousands working for other departments of
the government, who have job stress, accountability and are without a
guaranteed job.  Many of the jobs, you have no idea they are there.  But
they are and they are protecting your health and safety on a daily basis.

[coming from a military family (WW1, WW2, Korea, Viet Nam), I have
absolutely no beef (in fact, great respect) with anyone working in the
military; they do put their lives on the line protecting us on a daily
basis; frankly...what drives me crazy about the government is that the armed
forces personnel are so poorly treated!!...low wages/horrible VA benefits
and hospitals, etc..
NOW THAT'S something to get angry about!}


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