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Re: Balcony Floor Vibration

[Subject Prev][Subject Next][Thread Prev][Thread Next] My experience of vibration design is that increasing the moment of inertia is not very effective.  A higher I reduces the amplitude, but increases the frequency which leaves you at about the same acceptance level according to Reiher-Meister.  Large increases in I end up providing small benefits.  I've found that the most effective solution is increased mass, either in the floor plate or by tying two floors together.  I've heard of a couple of problem floors that were mitigated by tying them up to the level above with posts.  HTH

Chris Willcox, P.E.

Syed Basith wrote:


This refers to Mr. Steve Kramer's query for 28' long cantilever and its natural frequency. I would suggest that a grid system may work. This will act as one section and will give a better moment of inertia to meet the deflection criteria. Deflection is governed by its moment of intertia. Do reverse ca;culations..
Syed A. Basith, P.Eng.

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