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Re: Golf Course Bridge

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your problem is simple. just use a distributed live load of 12kn/m2 as recommended by ANSI for such cases. you don't have to check for AASHTO loadings HS15 OR HS20, because the same doesn't apply here.

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Subject: Golf Course Bridge
Date: Tue, 5 Jun 2001 09:55:22 +1000

I am designing two cart path bridges for a golf course.  First bridge is 3
span 70'+50'+50', second bridge has a single span of 70'.

Wonder of wonders, the owner and the contractor both want to minimize the
cost on the structures, and are asking that I use the minimum live loading

The largest vehicle used on the golf course is a mower/utility vehicle with
a gross weight of about 2 tons, well below H15 loading.  The bridges
themselves are to be 10 feet wide, and the approaches are so hilly that it
is unlikely that  a truck could even get to the bridges.

Soooo, my question is : Does anyone have experience regarding the use of
loads substantially less than those required by AASHTO for the design of
NON-highway bridges.  If so, are there standard loads?  I was thinking of
using 5 tons as a minimum, and having the owner post a permanent sign
showing the weight restriction.

Also, does the AASHTO manual govern the design of the bridges?  We are
currently under UBC94, soon to switch to the IBC, but I am not all that
familiar with AASHTO requirements (not much bridge work on Guam).  I would
prefer to use UBC94, LRFD 2nd Ed for the girders, and refer to AASHTO for
load distribution (based on 5 ton total weight) and seismic design.

Any suggestions?

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