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Subject: Concrete Deck Tendon Repair

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a good technical and practical reference is the International Concrete
Repair Institute ( they are about to release a guide
specification on the repair of unbonded PT tendons.

depending on the age of the parking garage will determine the type of
sheathing used, and also the possible extent of damage. could be paper-wrap
or plastic, push-thru, heat-sealed, or extruded. this will also have an
effect on the repair that is undertaken.

it appears that you can visually see the tendon (strand and grease, inside
the sheath), so this could indicate that the tendon has failed (corrosion?)
at some other location, released its tension, and erupted at this point. OR
it may just be localized damage and corrosion is not the cause. you need
more investigation.

an investigation should be undertaken and begin with a review of the
structural drawings and PT shop drawings, and a walk-through of the entire
structure. during this initial visual and tactile investigation note any PT
strand erupting, slab spalls, leaking joints, grease leaks through cracks,
evidence of previous repairs, grout pockets loose etc.

if this initial investigation reveals corrosion more investigation is
prudent to determine more accurately the severity of the damage etc.

any repairs should involve the owner, engineer and contractor. the repair of
unbonded PT is specialized and safety is a concern, so a contractor with
experience in such repairs is vital.

if you describe the preliminary visual observations in a bit more detail, i
may be able to assist further.




Mark Geoghegan BE (Hons.-Structural)
   S T R U C T U R A L   T E C H

>Subject: Concrete Deck Tendon Repair
>On an existing parking garage concrete slab, post-tensioned tendons are
>exposed at the deck surface because the concrete coverage was a little
>At a few locations the tendons' sheathing is damaged.
>Are there any suggestions or sources of information for repairing the
>Sharon Robertson Bonds, PE
>Salerno/Livingston Architects
>363 Fifth Avenue, Third Floor
>San Diego, California  92101
>(619) 234-7471

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