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CAD Paper

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I  bought an HP Color Pro Cad plotter for home use about 2 months ago and I am having trouble finding a paper size that was the main reason I purchased the printer in the first place. The printer can print on paper up to 13x19 which would allow you to have a half size (to scale) plot from a 24x36 cad file. It's really just a huge color inkjet HP printer with 2 paper trays (large ones) There is no roll paper like a standard plotter, it's all in trays like a regular printer.

The trouble I am having is finding the 13x19 paper that is affordable. I have been able to find that size in a Photo Paper that cost about 35 bucks for 100 sheets. I was hoping someone could lead me to a source for just plain o'l bond paper of this size. I like to make plt files and print half size sets of the projects I work on to save on desk space. 

You can respond privately to me so as not to clutter up and annoy all the robots who only want to talk engineering 24/7. I'll summarize the results for the list if anyone is interested. Appearantly, this is a very popular printer among architects and engineers so maybe something will turn up.


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