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Re: Use of Collar Ties in Light Frame Wo

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Steve's questions bring up some very important issues.  What else is damaged
beside the ridge?  There must be more to discover concerning the damaged
roof than you have mentioned so far.  I didn't notice that you had figured
out why the damage occurred unless it was related to a faulty ridge member.
It seems unlikely that a faulty ridge member would be the cause -- the ridge
member has very little work to do in a carpenter truss type roof system --
it provides something to nail the upper ends of the rafters to.

The ceiling joists are in the most effective position to restrain the
rafters from spreading -- if the ceiling joists couldn't do the job, the
collar ties at a higher position are not likely to provide a great
improvement.  I would want to find out whether or not the ceiling joists
were nailed directly to the rafters, or only to the top plate, and how many
nails were used in those connections.

Nels Roselund
Structural Engineer
South San Gabriel, CA

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