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RE: Plug Welding Anchor Bolts and Rebar to End Plates

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Take a look at for discussion of short anchor
bolts. The method of plug welding the top of bolt is discussed but is not
recommended as a solution. 

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> Subject: Plug Welding Anchor Bolts and Rebar to End Plates
> For a number of years I have solved the problem of tension 
> anchor bolts that
> were placed in the field with insufficient length to properly 
> engage the nut
> by simply plug welding the top of the bolt to the base plate. I have a
> similar situation in which I wish to do the same thing with a 
> rebar but a
> colleague of mine says that he thinks there is no standard 
> AWS provision for
> such a weld.  When I told him I had used similar repairs to 
> anchor bolts
> that had been approved by other licensed engineers in seismic 
> regions out
> west he asked for me to find the AWS specifications for this 
> application as
> well. Unfortunately I have confirmed that no such AWS spec 
> exists for such
> an application.  Does anyone have any recommendations as to 
> where I might
> find some technical guidelines on the type of welding 
> described so that I
> can justify what has been done in the field successfully for 
> some time?

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