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John Daley wrote:

<Can anyone give me the definition of Euclidean Geometry and Hafl-Space?>
<a web site i can go to defining the above.>


This is just what I remember from my high school geometry class, but
Euclidean Geometry is geometry based on Euclid's principles.  These state
in part that space is infinite in all directions, the intersection of two
planes is a line, the intersection two lines is a point, that given a line
and a point not on the line you can only draw one line through the point
that is perpendicular to the line, etc.  Half-space is a hemispherical (1/2
of a sphere) with an infinite radius.  Again this is from my high school
geometry class, some 23 year ago, so take it with a grain of salt.

--Kipp Martin, S. E.
  Portland, Oregon

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