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Re: Bridge Bent Cap Design Programs

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I am also looking into moving up (almost ANY move would be up) from TxDOT's antiquated program, CAP18.  One of the major drawbacks of RC Pier LA is that it does not design inverted-T bent caps.  I've been designing bridges for TxDOT for almost 5 years, and the majority of my bent design has been with inverted-T's.  Also, take into account that in most cases TxDOT states in their contracts that work is to be done with their approved software...
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Subject: RE: Bridge Bent Cap Design Programs

Cap18 is TxDOT's old program, very hard to use ("formatted input"? What's that?) and not anywhere near up to date as far as code provisions.
When I was at Dannenbaum, we had some pleasing success with LEAP Software's "RC Pier LA" program. I believe their website is
Check it out.

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Subject: Bridge Bent Cap Design Programs

I am looking for recommendations for all inclusive bridge bent cap programs. We have an old DOS based program named CAP 18 and also use Risa 2D.