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Re: Tilt Up systems

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not sure what you are looking for in terms of information, but I am not personally aware of any "tilt up system providers"? Are you talking about precast panels delivered to the site? Contractors, if the are detail oriented and can get a good foreman and crane operator can successfully build these types of buildings figure most of them do this kind of work around here, but there are some out here who seem to specialize in tilt-up  . . . that doesn't necessarily mean they are good at what they do however.

I have always designed tilt-up where the panels are formed, reinforced, and cast on site where the slab on grade of the building serves as the downface form of the panel.

As far as seismic goes with tilt-ups, the most critical elements are wall anchorage, sub-diaphragms, collectors/drag lines, in-plane and out of plane strength. Also, since almost every tilt-up has windows and doors everywhere, wall pier detailing becomes common.

It is used all the time in seismic zone 4. I won't comment on how effective it is in resisting seismic forces, but I will say that the cost outweighs everything. The building is very cheap when compared to your typical commercial project. I think they can bet built for anywhere between 26 to 33 bucks a square foot.

I have personally designed tilt-ups in seismic zone 4 on soil type E with nearsource issues to a type A fault. Doesn't get much more seismic than that for a tilt-up. If you want a pretty good discussion on the behavior, check out Amerhien's book on masonry ... very similar., Also, the Seismic Design Manual #2 has a tilt-up building design example.

Ron Hamburger wrote a paper after the Northridge EQ about tilt-ups that is probably worth your time to read it so you can see how this system will behave if things are overlooked or simply not known at the time of design. Not sure how to get a hold of a copy... try SEAONC's book store.

To summarize, if detailed properly, I think tilt-ups perform as intended in seismic regions
hope that helps,

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Dear Fellows:

I would appreciate information of Tilt Up systems providers in the Miami area, and your comments about it's use in a High Risk Seismic Area.

Walter E. Sheen
Civil Engineer
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