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RE: F1554 Weldability

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I asked a question similar to this several months ago -- you should look back at the archives for a short thread on ASTM F 1554 anchor rods at the end of February.  There were a couple of very helpful responses.
The bottom line was that grade 36 rods are inherently weldable, and grade 55 is only weldable if you specify the supplementary weldability requirements.  As you assumed, grade 105 is not available in a weldable version.  Grade 36 is generally readily available (I have specified it here in Texas without a problem), but I understand that grade 55 is harder to come across.  You should check on its availability in your area before you specify it.
-- Joel


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Subject: F1554 Weldability

I have a question concerning the new ASTM F1554 anchor rod specification.
Is only the F1554-55 available with a weldability supplement?  Intuition tells me F1554-105 is not available with weldability, but wouldn't that be neat?
Also,  If I spec the F1154 material in the Southern California area, will it be available?
Paul Feather