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F1554 Weldability

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We are using ASTM F1554 for our anchor bolts on a project in California
however we are only using grade 36 (which I would highly recommend unless
you just got to have the higher grades for a very specific reason).  During
our bid process we did get some grumbling about testing; specifically
sections 14 through 17.  There seems to be some confusion on which
tests/reports are required or optional.  I would suggest that you clearly
define your testing requirements, if any, in your bid or spec documents.

Thomas Hunt, S.E.
Duke/Fluor Daniel

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I have a question concerning the new ASTM F1554  anchor rod specification.

Is only the F1554-55 available with a weldability  supplement?  Intuition
tells me F1554-105 is not available with  weldability, but wouldn't that be

Also,  If I spec the F1154 material in the  Southern California area, will
it be available?


Paul Feather

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