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Re: F1554 Weldability

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Paul Feather wrote:  I have a question concerning the new ASTM F1554 anchor rod specification.  Is only the F1554-55 available with a weldability supplement?  Intuition tells me F1554-105 is not available with weldability, but wouldn't that be neat?
We are justly accused on the ASTM Fasteners Committee of not being as clear as we could be in our specification writing.  Weldability was a key area of focus in our recent actions to revise this specification in 1999.
You may consider calling our subcommittee chairman, Fred Weingruber, so he can personally clarify the committee's intent.  (412) 271-3956
Fred may be retired, but he is the best resource our committee has ever had. We recently established an award named in his honor.  I'm sure he'd gladly help you, and may even point you towards participating producers who can verify availability of any particular material.
David Sharp