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RE: ACI 318 - request for comments for improvements

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> Subject: Re: ACI 318 - request for comments for improvements
> I have worked at the engineering department of a large industrial
> company, at a very large consulting engineering firm, and at a very
> small consulting engineering firm, and I can say that at all three
> places I know of plenty of jobs where one of the main deciding factors
> between steel and concrete was the fact that steel is much easier to
> design.

I am often surprised at the "design-centric" attitude display by too many of

The ease of design of steel vs. concrete is really not an issue. The
relative cost to construct is the ONLY issue (or should be). Make sure they
pay you adequately for your time, and for some jobs, concrete will STILL
come out on top in terms of total cost.

You're an engineer. You are expected to have the "smarts" to handle these

If you have trouble, quit and become a plan-checker, or go get a computer
and software, and learn how to use them.


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