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Re: Time check

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If anyone is interested, I have a public domain program called Atomic
Clock Sync.  It "pings" the national atomic clock on command - or as
programmed periodically - and resets your Windows clock accurate to the
second. It requires that you be on the internet to function.

  I can send as an attachment privately.  I have used it for several
months now, and it is virus-free.

Russ Nester


On Sat, 9 Jun 2001 23:17:18 -0500 "John P. Riley"
<jpriley485(--nospam--at)> writes:
> In the early 70's, when we first got digital watches, seems like 
> every day someone in the office would call out to Colorado to check 
> the time.  We wanted to be as accurate as possible, I guess in case 
> we had to launch something into orbit.
> By now, there must be a place on the internet to check time.  Anyone 
> know where?
> __________________
> John P. Riley, PE, SE
> Riley Engineering
> "Time flies like an arrow. Fruit flies like a banana."  -Groucho 
> Marx

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