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Re: Deck Callout

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	This appears to make my previous response obsolete.  Please disregard


				H. Daryl Richardson

Davis Parsons wrote:
> We are retrofitting a 1960s era steel framed building with a deck
> callout we are unfamiliar with. The decking applies at a roof top
> mechanical equipment pad and is composed of 7.5' spans.
> COFAR  4C24 w/ 4x12 - 5/10 WWF 3/4"  clr. top of slab & 5 ga wire in
> north - south direction w/ 2 1/2" lt. wt. concrete fill.
> Any information on this system would be greatly appreciated.
> Regards, Jim Lascola.
> Cofar deck was manufactured by Granco Steel Products Company, a
> subsidiary of Granite City Steel Company.  It was  a composite deck
> that had a wire mesh welded to it. 4C24 indicates a slab thickness of
> 4" including deck, C indicates a "C" T-wire type and 24 indicates it
> has a 24 gage thickness.
> I have copy of a 1965 catalog and would be willing to fax you some of
> it.  I will be out of the office Monday but should be back in
> Tuesday.  Email me you fax number privately and I will send you the
> Cofar design part of this catalog.
> Davis Parsons

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