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RE: Time check

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Here is a web site that lists several clock synchronization programs.  I
have used Dimension 4 for several years and have had no problems or
software conflicts.

Thomas Hunt, S.E.
Duke/Fluor Daniel

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The  one that I particularly like is AtomTime 98 - an inexpensive shareware
software  that can also be loaded in your taskbar and set to automatically
check and  verify your system time against the national time server in
Boulder, Colorado (USA) and retrieves the exact time - updating your system
clock. You set the intervals, so if you have a DSL connection, you can
synchronize times every 3 hours if you are really fanatic about it. This
makes  most computers more accurate time keepers than Rolex watches (which
I never  believed were any more accurate than my Citizen watches).

Some  of the features include:

   Dial-up Networking support
   Scheduling support (up to every three hours)
   Multiple clock servers (in case one or more are not  responding)
   Time  display options (local, GMT or actual server time)
   Ticking Clock display
   HTML  Documentation
   Full  Installation Package
   Registry Settings (32-bit)
   Proxy  authorization improvements

Single  user license key: $10.00

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Subject: Re: Time  check

you can find time any where in the  world

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Internet time setting is not as accurate as modem  synchronization. If you
want astronomical accuracy you need to avoid  internet settings which can
be off by as much as 5 seconds. A good program  is AccuSet. You can find
them at


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Subject: Time check

In the early 70's,  when we first got digital watches, seems like every day
someone in  the office would call out to Colorado to check the time.  We
wanted  to be as accurate as possible, I guess in case we had to launch
something into orbit.

By now, there must be a  place on the internet to check time.  Anyone know

John  P. Riley, PE, SE
Riley Engineering

"Time flies like an arrow.  Fruit flies like a banana."  -Groucho  Marx

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