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Re: Responses of Military Significance

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Thank you for taking out time for a well thought out response. Let me assure you, Richard, taking part in deliberations on subjects like, design of bomb shelter or for that matter, design of blast resistant structure, in no way viloates the code of conduct that you are referring to in your response. This subject, although sounds military in nature, is more of a structural substance than any military issue. More over, as mentioned in my last response, you can hook on to a number of web sites which are presenting state-of-the-art report on the subject. You must understand, imposing any kind embargo on any subject for discussion in this LIST would not serve any purpose. Iam sure you understand the point. So, my appeal to you, Richard & to all other fellow learned Engineers, participating in this LIST, is to help promote healthy intellectual discussions on topics of Structural Engineering (so that one learns from each other's experience) rather than be a party to measures that create environment of suffocation. Best regards,

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To: syed faiz ahmed <syedfaiz23(--nospam--at)>, Bill Polhemus <bill(--nospam--at)>
Subject: Re: Responses of Military Significance
Date: Sun, 10 Jun 2001 23:32:07 -0600


         A week ago I raised a question of the list regarding the above
topic; you two were the only respondents.  Both of you asked me to be
more specific.  Let me do so in the following paragraphs.

         As a Canadian consulting engineer I am a member of several
provincial engineering associations.  Although generally independent of
the provincial governments, these organizations are created by the
provincial governments and are, in fact, the licensing bodies in
authority.  All of these associations have codes of ethics governing the
behaviour of professional engineers.  All of these codes of ethics have
clauses similar to "The engineer shall refrain from associating with
persons of questionable reputation and from participating in projects of
questionable merit."

         The bomb shelter question did, indeed, cause me to think about
possible conflicts between the intent of the above referenced codes of
ethics and responses to the question being discussed.  I therefore
decided to raise the question on the list.  Having made this decision
two other minor decisions followed: I asked the question in a weak, non
specific way to avoid confrontational responses and hence a "Canadian"
flavour to the desired "American" response; and I waited until I thought
all responses to the bomb shelter question had been made to avoid the
technological embargo which you, Ahmed, referred to in your response.
It's now been a full week since I asked the question and there have been
no respondents other than you two.

         I did not affect, or participate in, an embargo in technology
by not responding to the request for help on the bomb shelter question;
I simply have no special knowledge in bomb shelters.  My personal
knowledge of explosion resistant structures in limited to explosion
resistant control rooms for  hydrocarbon processing facilities.  These
buildings usually have one blast resistant wall in which NO openings are
permitted facing the probable source of the expected explosion.  Other
walls have the necessary exits for for people to escape a fire following
the explosion.

         There you have it.  I don't NEED to know your answer to my
question; I'm perfectly able to decide whether or not to participate in
any discussion based on my existing Canadian codes of ethics.
Never-the-less it would be useful to have some generally accepted
guidelines for participation (or non participation) on the list.

                                 Best regards to both of you,

                                 H. Daryl Richardson

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