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Structuralist.Net - New Spreadsheet for download

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For those of you who do pole sign design, I uploaded a new spreadsheet that
will calculate the area of three different signs on one pole for each
elevation change where wind load is recalculated. For example if you have a
pole with a 12'-tall sign at 36 feet above grade, the spreadsheet will
calculate applicable wind loads for 0-15 ft., 15-20 ft., 20-25 ft, 25-30 ft
and 30-40 ft. In this case the spreadsheet will calculate the upper 6-feet
at the wind load between 30-40' and then the next 5 feet for wind loads
between 25-30 ft and finally the 1'-0" height for the wind load at 20-25
feet. You can have up to three signs on one pole each at a different
elevation and different width. The spreadsheet will calculate the resulting
load, moment arm for each load area and the moment for each of the three
signs in all elevation wind load changes.

The purpose of the spreadsheet is to introduce users to creating the logic
steps which I used to write the spreadsheet. The trick was to be able to
calculate what area of each sign falls into each wind zone region and to do
this in such as way that any sign of height and width can be input and
calculated. Once a conditional logic chart (flow chart) is written, the user
can see how to write the spreadsheet conditional statements to create their
own tools and spreadsheets. In the next week, I will post a formal flowchart
that shows the logic steps needed to write the conditional statements. In
the mean time, the information is clearly exposed on the spreadsheet for you
to review.

Discussions for the spreadsheet will be held on the Software Users Forum and
I will post a message topic in the Spreadsheet forum to for anyone
interested in discussing this spreadsheet analysis and the logic used.

You can obtain the spreadsheet at:


You can also find the link by starting at:

Click on the Professional Forum
Click on the Software Productivity Tools
Click on Spreadsheet Software
Finally click on the Pole Sign Moment Calculations - 3 Signs, 1 Pole

Hope you find it educational.

Dennis S. Wish, PE
The Structuralist Administrator for:
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Dennis S. Wish, PE
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