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Houston Flooding

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Stan Caldwell wrote:

. > Haynes-Whaley Associates is one of the leading structural engineering 
. > firms in Texas.  Their headquarters offices are located in the Concourse 
. > level (basement) of the Citadel Building at US-290 and IH-610 in Houston. 
. > Their offices were flooded to the ceiling last weekend.  All furnishings 
. > and drawings were destroyed. Their computers were flooded.  A firm in 
. > Minneapolis may be able to restore their servers and backup for a nominal 
. > fee of $100,000, as long as the hard drives are kept in their wet 
. > condition. They are sending 7 computers to the company in an attempt to
. > recover their electronic drawing files and accounting information. 

. > Could disaster strike your practice?  I urge everyone to retain a weekly
. > backup offsite.

Wasn't there a thread on this list about this (backups) some time ago and 
weren't those of us who do incremental daily backups and full weekly backups 
which were stored offsite characterized as, "paranoid?"

The sad thing is that the $100,000 (probably only an estimate) is not covered 
by insurance as flooding is typically excluded.  Now, if the water had come 
in thru the ceiling, or from a broken pipe, ... .

A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
Tucson, Arizona
(Waiting for the summer rainy season to start,
July 4th, at 3:00 p.m.)

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