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RE: Time Check

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Title: RE: Time Check
I STILL repeat: Dimension 4 overcomes all these problems, as it is freeware.
Works quite well, keeps time just as well as the sntp daemon I have on my Linux server.

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Subject: RE: Time Check

Hi Stan,
I downloaded the program and installed it. It works "invisibly" which means that you don't see the time difference or how it synchronizes your computer. It's sort of a "leap of faith" that it is doing the job. Not that this is bad - it just takes some getting used to.
BTW, Although Atom Time is shareware, when the time limit runs out it will not disable itself - instead, it resets and reminds you to register. Some of the features disable, but not the time sync functions which is what I use it for.
Thanks for the link to About Time - it is a neat little program but the help files to explain the time sync methods could be better