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RE: Time Check

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Have you tried going to the Home Page and using the Download link to
It has been awhile, but I remember getting enough information to feel
comfortable with the program. I don't remember if it was the Help file or
the Download page or the combination.

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Subject: RE: Time Check

Hi Stan,
I downloaded the program and installed it. It works "invisibly" which means
that you don't see the time difference or how it synchronizes your computer.
It's sort of a "leap of faith" that it is doing the job. Not that this is
bad - it just takes some getting used to. 
BTW, Although Atom Time is shareware, when the time limit runs out it will
not disable itself - instead, it resets and reminds you to register. Some of
the features disable, but not the time sync functions which is what I use it
Thanks for the link to About Time - it is a neat little program but the help
files to explain the time sync methods could be better.

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I used to use AtomTime when it was freeware.  When it became shareware, I
switched to something better.  I highly recommend AboutTime 4.8.  It does
everything that AtomTime does, and then some.  Also, it remains unencumbered
freeware.  You can download it at:


Stan R. Caldwell, P.E. 
Dallas, Texas 

Dennis Wish wrote: 

The one that I particularly like is AtomTime 98 - an inexpensive shareware
software that can also be loaded in your taskbar and set to automatically
check and verify your system time against the national time server in
Boulder, Colorado (USA) and retrieves the exact time - updating your system
clock. You set the intervals, so if you have a DSL connection, you can
synchronize times every 3 hours if you are really fanatic about it. This
makes most computers more accurate time keepers than Rolex watches (which I
never believed were any more accurate than my Citizen watches). <>  
Some of the features include: 
Dial-up Networking support 
Scheduling support (up to every three hours) 
Multiple clock servers (in case one or more are not responding) 
Time display options (local, GMT or actual server time) 
Ticking Clock display 
HTML Documentation 
Full Installation Package 
Registry Settings (32-bit) 
Proxy authorization improvements 
Single user license key: $10.00 

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