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No calculations required in TX, OK, LA, AR,MO,KS,GA,NC, MI ??? That explains why there is no plan check in Texas !

This seems very very bad ....  I hope the New Madrid fault is dormant for a long time to come.

Seems like someone could very easily abuse this system and generate under-designed or grossly overdesigned structures. 


>>> dparsons(--nospam--at) 06/12/01 02:55PM >>>

Paul Feather wrote:

> Here in the US we submit full copies of the design calculations with the
> construction drawings.

Not everywhere in the US.  I have never had to submit calculations here in
Texas, nor in Oklahoma, Louisiana, Arkansas, Missouri, Kansas, Georgia, North
Carolina, or  Michigan.

I would suggest contacting the local building official to determine the permit

Davis G. Parsons II, PE RA AEI
a practical structural engineer
in Fort Worth, Texas

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