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RE: What Exposure to use?

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The lowest floor is 37' above sea level and the roof is 33' above that, is
that an escarpment?


|~|If you're on an escarpment, though, be sure to consider the
|~|effects of the
|~|Topographic Factor Kzt, which can have a significant impact.
|~|Refer to Figure
|~|6-2 in ASCE 7-98.
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|~|> I was told by the Belvedere, CA building official to use exposure D.
|~|> Belvedere is located well within the San Francisco Bay. It did
|~|not seem to
|~|> me to represent the highest wind exposure, however, it was
|~|about 100 yards
|~|> from the water on a steep hill. As it turned out seismic still

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