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Could you ship that 8" of snow down here next week?  We didn't get to 100 deg 
yesterday (only 99 -- that felt good) but expect to be in the 104-105 range 
next week.

FWIW, Palm is starting to incorporate the expansion slots similar to what 
Handspring has had since its inception so memory, modems, cameras, etc., 
modules can be added as the $$ become available.  I'm sure that you are aware 
that the originator of Palm left Palm and started Handspring which is why the 
two are completely compatible.

There is an awfully lot of Palm OS freeware software available which makes 
Palm/Handspring extremely attractive.  In looking in a catalog now, I see 
that Handspring now comes with Windows and Macintosh Palm desktop software.

I don't have a PDA (yet) but am seriously thinking of getting one.  An ad in 
the paper this past weekend had a Palm with a "free" binder/keyboard, but I 
think that these promotional items are an attempt to get rid of the inventory 
of Palms without the expansion slots.

A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
Tucson, Arizona

Abe Knapp wrote:

. > I have a Palm IIIxe that my bride bought me.  I really like it and yes 
. > you can scan your business cards into it. If I had the $$ I would go for 
. > the Compaq though. The Palm IIIxe goes for about $175.00.  It has 8 meg 
. > of memory where the compaq has 32.

. > Abe Knapp, P.E.
. > Casper, America (Wyoming) and yes there is 8" of snow in Yellowstone 
. > today, with another 12" expected.

. > >>> MJS(--nospam--at) 06/13/01 08:36AM >>>

. > I would like to know if anybody has any thoughts or recommendations on a
. > PDA. I am a structural engineer and considering throwing out my 8.5" x
. > 11" daily planner in lieu of the electronic version. The most important
. > item I would like to have is being able to have my business cards on
. > hand. Is there any way to scan my business cards into a PDA?

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