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> Sent: Wednesday, June 13, 2001 1:25 PM
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> Just as those of you east of the Rockies watch (on news at 10:00)
> our homes
> in Calif. go up in smoke in summer and slide down the hills when it rains,
> we watch homes back East float down rivers every Spring (Houston,
> Texas last
> week) and get "Blown" up when a breeze kicks up off the Atlantic
> coast or on
> the Gulf.

Again, I don't see this as having a demonstrable connection with "no plan
checking/no calculations submitted." I guess I happen to feel that most
engineers of my acquaintance are diligent in their duties.

Besides, when it comes to houses floating out to sea or being blown apart by
hurricane winds, bear in mind that nearly all those structures are built
using the prescriptive provisions of the various building/housing codes.

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