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wall anchorage / ubc / simpson

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after designing wall anchorage with asd and a simpson pai purlin anchor, i
got a plan check comment stating that i need to increase my loads due to ubc

do i need to increase the loads 40% and possibly change the purlin anchor,
or is the 40% increase "built in" to the simpson allowable properties
somehow?  if it is "built in" somewhere - can someone please specify where
that is documented?

this particular ubc criteria talks about "strength design forces" - aka
lrfd.  does this mean i need to factor my loads by 1.4 to get from asd back
to strength level, then factor by 1.4 again to satisfy the wall anchorage
criteria?  all this to get a lrfd level force.  then get an ultimate load
from simpson and multiply with a resistance factor - right?

my 2001 simpson catalog, pg. 7, instructions to the designer, note j,
references AF&PA/ASCE 16-95 for a design procedure (which my firm does not
have in its library) - but they also tell the designer to call simpson for
"reference lateral resistances".  unfortunately, after calling them, they
did not have that info. - all they could do was fax me a page from their
Canadian catalog which lists the ultimate loads for the purlin anchor.

any help would be appreciated.



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