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> I disagree with Bill on this. The operating system (Win CE 3.0)
> takes a bit
> more memory than the palm but the advantage of the CE devices is that they
> provide enough memory for more programs.

This is a straw-man argument. In the first place, Windows CE itself has a
staggering system overhead, requiring more memory, and hence more expensive
"basic model" machines. In the second place, Windows CE programs tend to be
very bloated as well, hence again, requiring more memory.

Finally, you can just as easily add memory to most of the devices running
the PalmOS that I know of. If you want a 32 MB PalmOS device, that is easily
enough done. Just notice that the standard Windows CE device--of which there
are fewer now than a couple of years ago--typically comes with 32 MB of RAM,
while the PalmOS devices usually have no more than 8MB standard. Again, it's
simply because they require so much less.

The PDA wars are over and, just as I predicted here about two years ago, the
Windows CE devices are simply not even in the fray anymore. They have become
niche products selected because they have powerful names--primarily HP and
Compaq--that still make them. But their market share began to shrink just as
soon as non-Palm Computing devices--primarily the Handspring Visor and the
Sony Clie--began to come out into the market in great numbers. And now, I
see that Ericsson's new multi-function communications device is using PalmOS
as well.

The Palm devices are just easier to use. You don't buy a palm-top so that
you can have a miniature version of your desktop computer. That is what
Microsoft refused to recognize, and what Palm figured out very early on.

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