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Fastener for presure treated wood

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In UBC97 2304A.3, third paragraph:

Fasteners for pressure-preservative treated and fire-retardant
treated wood shall be of hot-dipped zinc coated galvanized, stain-less
steel, silicon bronze or copper.

It seems to me that according to the code, all the nailings for the bottome
edge of wall sheathing need to be nailed to the sill plate (usually pressure
treated) with galvanized nails, and the anchor bolts for the sill plate need
to have galvanized anchor bolts too.  In the last buidling (wood) I saw,
before it's sheeted inside, I don't recall seeing any galvanized anchor
bolts or galvanized nails at the bottom edge of wall sheathing.  

Anyone has any comment on that?  Thanks.

Yi Yang
Santa Rosa, CA

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