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Bridge Abutment Replacement

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We are looking at designing to replace an existing bridge abutment. The
existing concrete abutment is 30 years old and is supported on steel pipe
piles founded on bedrock (well, some of them anyway which has
precipitated the replacement) with H-pile batter piles. There has been
gradual settlement over the years and repairs to suit. Settlement also due
to embankment fill consolidation and resulting downdrag on piles.
Geotechnical investigation will determine if consolidation is near

Bridge is three span with pre-stressed concrete girders (8) and
concrete deck. Middle span over a railway line. End spans (45 ft.) are
over embankment slope. Overall width is 62 feet with two travel lanes.
The kicker here is that one lane must remain open to traffic at all times
during the construction. No detour routes are available.

I am seeking comments for:

1. Suggestions/past experiences for temporary support of the girders
during  construction of the new abutment. 

2. Suggestions/past experiences in building abutment in separate pieces,
i.e. demolish one half, then re-build half and re-seat girders for traffic
lane, then demolish and re-build other half. We also have to worry about
avoiding the existing piles when driving new piles.

Thanks in advance,

Steven A. Mallett, P.Eng.
Dillon Consulting Ltd.

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