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> Subject: RE: PDA
> Allow me to quote the June 2001 copy of Maximum PC in the article
> Palms vs.
> Pocket PC:
> "Does this mean Pocket PC devices are doomed to obsolescence? Hardly. If
> anything, the decision to focus on battery life over power and
> features may
> ultimately mean the undoing of the Palm Empire...."

This is the reviewer's opinion, but I beg to differ.

Once again: A "pocket PC" is not what most people need or want. They need
and want an electronic organizer, a "digital assistant." Very soon--and I've
already seen this coming into fruition with such products as the Ericsson
R380 which uses the PalmOS--you will commonly have an "appliance" that is
your cell phone, organizer, pager, phone list, and in short all the
functions we've come to expect from cell phones and PDAs as separate

This is NOT a PC. A PC sits on your desk (or in your bag in the form of a
notebook computer). It is a totally different animal, which is
what--surprisingly--I think Microsoft never understood when it developed
Windows CE as the bloatware product that it is.

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