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The bolts on the steel frame in the 3 story less than 10 yr. old Santa
Clarita City Hall "blew apart"- many were found on the opposite side of
the building. The building almost collapsed, as did several others. This
was more than 15 miles from the epicenter of the '94 Northridge event.

With regard to calcs., I am working on a light rail project where all the
structures have two independent sets of calcs.- one by in-house engineers
and the other by a consultant who has no contact with the in-house
designers. In Calif. in most jurisdictions, calcs are required for all
houses and even residential garages. It just makes more work for us for
which we are grateful.

Stan Scholl, P.E.
Laguna Beach, CA

On Wed, 13 Jun 2001 13:09:23 -0500 "Bill Polhemus" <bill(--nospam--at)>
> Aside from the Murrah Building, I'm at a loss as to what "blown apart
> structures" you might be refering to.
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>   Stan:
>   May this attitude is why we see so many blown apart structures in 
> the
> eastern side of the country.

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