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RE: Fastener for pressure treated wood

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As I mentioned, I just heard of a project where the inspector required that
the sill plate nails had to be removed and replaced with galvanized nails,
no mention of the anchor bolts, If the anchors have to be removed, you would
pretty much have to rebuild the wall.


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|~|> Yi,
|~|> There is language in previous code editions that exempt sill plate
|~|> connectors as long as they are above grade and not exposed.  I
|~|> don't believe
|~|> it is the intention of any code writers to have changed this.
|~|I don't understand the rationale here.
|~|In the first place, I assume that galvanized or other
|~|"protected" fasteners
|~|are specified to be used with treated wood because it is understood that
|~|they will be in the same kind of harsh environment that warrants
|~|the use of
|~|treated wood.
|~|Sill plates are required to be treated wood, because it is
|~|assumed that will
|~|be a "harsh environment" (ask those who are now replacing all their
|~|baseboards and sheetrock in Houston these days).
|~|Ergo, why should we not consider that galvanized or other "protected"
|~|fasteners will be needed at sill plates as well? Consider this a naive
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