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A little light on the issue is addressed in section 104.2.1 of UBC."The building official is hereby authorized and directed to enforce all the provisions of this code." If a building official is functioning on a professional level, which to some on this lists opinion would be impossible, calculations should be formal and submitted. I think California is doing pretty fair. Even if legislation or ordinances relax enforcement there is the professional obligation by the building authority of life safety. From what I have read here some legislators have been mislead. How could that happen? :( Now we are on the dark side. heh
Bob Hanson, SE
Torrance, CA
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The reality in California is obviously different than elsewhere.  The vast majority of single family homes east of the Rockies are not engineered structures, not even the expensive ones.  In Dallas, the local home builders are building $5 million (25,000 s.f.) spec homes without any engineering whatsoever, except for the foundation.  In fact, I don't think that I've ever even met a local engineer who works with stick-built wood frame construction.
From the Texas P.E. Board Enforcement FAQ:
Q. How does an individual know when is engineering required?
A. Refer to Section 19 of the Texas Engineering Practice Act (TEPA).
Private dwellings that are exceeding eight units for one-story buildings or exceeding four units for two-story buildings. Other buildings having more than one story and containing a clear span between supporting structures greater than 24 feet on the narrow side and having a total floor area over 5,000 square feet. (See Section 20 (d) of the TEPA).

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